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Product Summary

cyberTEQ-m is a delivery system for almost all signals used in the professional field. cyberTEQ-m performs transmission by IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet, and converts and transmits various signals by installing an optional conversion module. The following data can be transmitted simultaneously by connecting two cyberTEQ-m with one cable.

  • Audio(Dante™、EtherSound®、CorbraNet®、MyMix®、Roland DigitalSnake®)

  • Remote control of many Ethernet devices(L-Acoustics LA Network Manager,
    Yamaha CL Editor,Sennheiser Wireless System Manager,Shure Wirelessbench etc,)

  • AES3 Digital output

  • DMX512/ART-Net

  • RS232/RS422/RS485

  • Analog intercom

  • Wireless LAN(iPad® Remote control)


cyberTEQ-m is not a system that only connects two points but functions as a multipoint system. Connecting 3, 4, 5 or more units and cyberTEQ-m distributes the signal and makes it available to each unit. The connection between cyberTEQ-m each other can be ring, star or mixed. Configure the network automatically. (Network topology is set automatically, but when using EtherSound®, it is actually necessary to build a daisy chain VLAN.)By programming from a web browser or serial port on Windows or Mac, signals on the network can be assigned to any cyberTEQ-m. If one cable breaks down, we can never stop the show. In such cases, redundancy can be ensured by connecting in a ring topology or double start topology. The cyberTEQ-m mainframe has two dedicated ports for long distance connections, and three different mainframes are available.

Use image

With CAT 7 cables, you can extend the Ethernet port for long distances up to 80 m. The optical port can extend up to 550 m. We also offer single mode converters and cables with galvanically isolated connectors that can extend up to 10 km. In addition to the two long-distance connections ports, there are four Ethernet ports on the front panel and ten on the back to connect the equipment directly. (For remote control, audio data) In addition, the front panel is equipped with two slots. Various signals can be transmitted by inserting a converter module. (See above) It is also possible to install a module with two Ethernet ports. If you do not install the option module in the slot, it is covered with a blank panel. With simple module installation and removal, you can assemble to the required specifications in just a few minutes.


The latency of cyberTEQ-m is less than 10 μs, and some programs reach less than 3 μs.
cyberTEQ-m is a 19-inch rack mount with a depth of 390 mm and a weight of 6.2 kg.
The mainframe has a built-in PSU. (AC100-240V / 50-60Hz Neutrik® PowerCon)
12V-DCIN is equipped to improve system stability and dual power supply. The 1U size cyberTEQ-psu has two slots and an optional module for DCTE for cyberTEQ-m.
All connectors in the transmission system have a locking mechanism and use a robust Neutrik® connector.
The optical connector uses LC compatible Neutrik® OpticalCon.

The following optional modules are available, and each module is validated at any time.
(Including modules under development)
Please check the latest version of the document for new modules to be developed in the future, or contact us.

Module list

  • Dante™ to AES-out module

  • RS232/422/485 module

  • Fiberoptical module

  • Intercom moduleDMX module

  • Dual RJ45 module

  • Dual RJ45 module+USB Charger


Product Data Sheets

cyberTEQ-m  Flyer

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