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Product Summary


  • A 4-channel digital power amplifier that maximizes the performance of flat panel speakers.

  • Built-in 2U size digital processor and 250W (4Ω) x 4 digital power amplifier.

  • Just prior to output, by designing with emphasis on full digital processing hearing processing with digital signals of 96 kHz sampling, natural sound quality with high resolution and a sense of depth is realized.

  • A digital processor presets various parameters of flat panel speakers. Driving a flat panel speaker in an ideal state just by calling a preset.

  • HPF · LPF · delay · phase switching is equipped on each channel, can be adjusted in the body.

  • Equipped with digital input terminals (AES / EBU), you can easily build a full digital SR system.

  • The optional D-Link unit (under development) is connected by cable, multi-channel digital signal transmission and remote

  • control provide integrated management and diagnostics of the output system including the speaker.

  • Equipped with a muting switch for each channel on the front panel.

  • Analog input is equipped with an input circuit using a transformer and ground ON / OFF function to prevent noise.

  • PFC (power factor correction circuit) prevents waveform distortion of the AC power supply and unnecessary power loss.


Product Articles

HIT-DPA1204   Specification sheet

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