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GUIL Speaker Stand


Air cushion speaker stand

  • Telescopic section (wall thickness 1.5 mm) of 40 mm and 35 mm made of steel and aluminum.

  • The air cushion design safely lowers the speakers and prevents accidental drops.

  • Equipped with dual safety lock system with pressure knob and safety bolt.

  • It has a vibration isolation ring.

  • The diameter of the extension tube is 35 mm.

  • Foldable reinforced base with M6 screws and 25 mm x 3 mm legs.

  • Very powerful and lightweight. Provides maximum strength and stability.


Mini speaker stand

  • Compact design.

  • The dimensions for housing small and lightweight speakers have been reduced.

  • Manufactured in steel to guarantee maximum resistance and finished with black epoxy paint.

  • A Ø35 mm adapter is included.
    5 positions
    (150 cm - 140 cm - 130 cm - 120 cm - 110 cm)


GUIL Speaker Stand Specification

ALT-35 Movie

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