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Product Overview

Multi-Cell block consisting of a voice-over system with three-dimensional direction control and excellent distance and clarity.

  • Includes 16 newly developed multi-cell plane wave speakers and a 16-channel digital power amplifier with built-in DSP

  • One system can connect up to 32 blocks, and a speaker array can be configured with 512 plane wave speaker pieces

  • Each speaker unit has a separate power amplifier and digital signal processing allows directional control up/down and left/right, allowing a different direction for each input signal

  • The connection between the Controller and the multi-cell block is possible with a 96kHz 24bit audio signal 12 channels and a single category 5e STP cable that propagates the control signal.


  •  Yokohama City market  development support project in 2018

​(Sales Promotion Support)

Products subject to certification

​ → Yokohama City Economic Bureau HP

  • 2017 Yokohama City middle class businesses new technology and product development, development promotion subsidy 

 → Yokohama City Economic Bureau HP


Product Article

JustHit  flyer

JustHit JC1  specification sheet

JustHit JB1  specification sheet

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