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What is kikowell?

Eliminate the stress of hearing .

Developed for comfortable and smooth communication,

Easy to use for everyone.


10cm square
compact body

Easy operation

fit for Wireless microphones


※1 Wireless microphone and receiver are sold separately

Did you ever experienced the following scenarios?

Case 1: Doctor's examination


An elderly patient has trouble hearing the doctor's explanation. The question, is asked repeatedly or a misplaced response is made.


The anamnesis of the patient is hard to hear. Therefore, the stress on doctors and nurses increases.


Case 2: Medical institution/local government/bank reception


Customers have troubles hearing and will not notice the announcement when they are called,or are called in a loud voice, disturbing others


The receptionist doesn't want to raise the voice while talking about the customers personal information.


Repeating content to a customer prolonges the overall waiting time for the following customers, resulting in complaints.


Case 3: Nursing home


There are troubles with roommates in group homes, due to high TV volume resulting in noise.

leaves the residents feel lonely during recreational time because they can not understand the staff

Because many residents are hearing impaired it leaves the staff talking in a loud voice resulting in stress and tired voices.


If spoken to in a loud voice, it could be misunderstood as angry even if it is a pleasant conversation.

If you have experienced these problems, use "kikowell" to solve them.

To save as many people as possible from the stress of "hearing"


We want to get rid of the stress associated with "Hearing"!

That's why "kikowell" was developed.

We are a sound company with more than 30 years of experience that has been involved all over sound technical field.

Since 2000, we have been working on research and development under the theme of "Hearing the human voice" using flat panel speakers. Such as outdoor public reading for around 3500 people, announcements at dome stadium, convention at gymnasiums, mass at temples or churches, classrooms, outdoor visions etc, ...Under various environmental influences, we carry out a plan tailored specifically to the site. We have cultivated the "knowledge to convey voice". 

The smallest model packed with that know-how is (*1) "kikowell".

*1 compared to all our products


堀 昌司 氏   山崎 芳男 氏

Three points why "kindream" is perfect for dialogue support

Sound that proceeds straight protects personal information

High privacy design

The sound comes straight out of the speaker, so if you can hear it perfectly but the person behind you does not hear your personal information.

You can talk with relief because there is no concern that others will hear the contents of the conversation.

It is suitable for protecting the privacy at the window services that exchanges personal information.


Clear sound even at low volume

High clarity voice system

The key to "easy to hear" is clarity, not volume.kindream is a high definition sound amplifier system that sounds clearly at low volume.Even if the size is increased, the originally blurred characters remain blurred (Fig. a).Conversely, if the line is sharp, even small letters are clearly visible (Fig. b).The same applies to sounds.


As acoustic transducer speakers for loudspeakers, there are several types of speakers, such as point source spherical waves and surface source plane waves, and horn types (resistance control type).

As a feature of the surface sound source plane wave like “kindream”, there is little attenuation of sound as a loudspeaker and no phase inversion in the audio frequency band. There is no attenuation when emitting a reproduced sound source from a surface of a fixed size. It has a excellent feature.

So why is it easy to hear and high in clarity? It is believed that this is largely due to the fact that the voice band frequency is relatively flat and there is no phase inversion. Plane wave speakers from FPS have demonstrated their effectiveness at many train stations and platforms. It is also used in all domestic airport control rooms where clarity is paramount.

What is the FPS flat panel wave adopted by kikowell

FPS Co., Ltd.   Advisor Yoshio Yamazaki, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University

FPS Co., Ltd.   Representative director Masasi Hori

For people with hearing difficulties

clear higher frequencies

kikowell is specialised to be more intelligible in higher frequencies which makes it special compared to usual cone speakers which distributes high and low ranges equally.

Therefore, hearing impaired listeners have problems hearing the high range frequencies of a normal speaker and may have the feeling that the lower range is too loud.

Due to planar wave and special equalisations, the results are an optimal sound experience for users with hearing complaints.


Available in various scenes


kikowell/included parts


kikowell × 1


Electrical cable × 1


user manual × 1

Option  ※ Under preparation

※ We will inform you as soon as the details of optional products are available.

”kikowell” can be used by connecting your own microphone or a commercially available microphone.


There are optional products to maximize the performance of kikowell according to the customer's environment and application.

・ Connection cable for TV use etc.

・Types of microphones that can be used separate from the unit

・Directly attached microphone that does not break the cable

・Infrared wireless microphone & infrared wireless microphone receiver

・Speaker mounting bracket

Specification of "kikowell"


10 cm square compact body

"kikowell" is 10 cm wide x 10 cm depth x 7 cm hight. As it is compact sized to fit in a 10cm square, it can be set everywhere.

Automatic power on / standby function

There is a power saving function that automatically enters standby mode when silence continues for about 3 minutes, and is automatically activated again by voice input.

Microphone input x 2 External input x 1

Easy operation only for volume control

There is no button, only the knob for volume control. Simple operation makes it easy to handle for anyone.

Wireless microphone can also be used 

If there is an optional infrared microphone and receiver it can be used wirelessly.

You can use a 3.5 mm jack on the back and a standard jack on the top, depending on your case.
In addition, there is a 3.5 mm external jack input on the back, which can be used on TVs and PCs.

※ Output priority is external input 1, back 3.5 mm jack 2, top standard jack 3.

Product Data Sheets

kikowell  flyer

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