- Line Array Positioning Tool -


The perfect tool to set the angle of line array speaker systems

  • Hand held remote display to check set-up angles

  • Memory for past measured values

  • ​Dust/water proof IP54

  • 0.1 degree resolution vertically from + 49.9° to - 49.9°

  • Laser-class 3R


LAP-TEQ PLUS product summary

Consisting of one display module and two sensor units the LAP-TEQ is designed to perfectly adjust the angles on line array speaker systems.

With a built-in battery and connected with an XLR cable (max. length 75m) it is perfect for any stacked speaker system.

Set the sensors on top of the line array system and connect the sensor with the display and  correctly adjust the angle while moving around.

LAP-TEQ PLUS Sensor Module

Easily mounted to the flight frame with four screws, or if the system is not compatible with the LAP-TEQ sensor module mountable with a bracket.


Its diecast aluminium enclosure is dust/splash proof. Thus, the LAP-TEQ is also suitable for outdoor use. Ensuring even better outdoor use and easy set up the new sensor modules are set up with a class 3R 520nm green laser, for better visibility.

LAP-TEQ PLUS Display Module

The LAP-TEQ PLUS display module shows the horizontal inclination of the top cabinet with a resolution of 0,1° on a dot matrix LCD-display. It powers off after two minutes to save battery life. The calibration function makes it possible to recalibrate the sensor module without having to open the sensor housing. The display module is powered by a lithium polymer battery, which can be charged via USB. The memory function saves the last measured value when the device is switched off. This is displayed in a second row when the device is switched on again, thus helping to compare different line arrays.

LAP-TEQ PLUS Set includes

  • 2x sensor modules

  • 1x display module

  • 1x calibration cable

  • 1x USB charger cable

  • 1x AC adapter

LAP-TEQ PLUS Mounting Bracket (sold separately)

The sensor module is easily mounted to the bracket with a few screws and therefore attachable to almost every frame.

A built-in clamp assures minimal cable tension.

For safety measures a wire is attached to the unit to secure it from unwanted fall



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