For over 30 years, we have responded to the various needs of "sound" as the times change.

Based on that experience and know-how, we developed consulting services tailored to the needs of our customers.

We will plan from a multi-faceted point of view, and provide total technical support from development to after care.


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Consulting Achievement

Sound equipment flat panel speaker consulting

Gousyouji (Fukui)




Koukenji(Bizen City, Okayama)

Seibu Railway(Seibu Dome)


Commercial facility

Many other major companies

Large-scale street vision construction consulting (Tokyo, Osaka)

Articulation consulting

NHK(Japan Broadcasting Association)

NHK(Overseas Branch Office)

Akihabara UDX

Live House

Movie Theater

Personal home noise measures(Miyagi・Yamaguti・Fukuoka)

​Many other major companies

Sound Consulting Cases

Movie theater


The sound of the speaker system was leaking to other floors.


By installing the speaker into our sound control box "Seidon" (※sold out) the vibrations occuring in the low frequency spectrum are contained to the room itself without leaking to other floors. 

Live house


On the narrow stage, the sound from the three wooden walls as well as the maispeakers were reflected directly, and from overhanging ppillars in the front lettin worries about the wraparound rise.


By applying noise protection cladding to the pillar and wooden walls, the stage got quieter creating less wraparoung and reflections.

The sounds around the drums are now clearer, making it easier to hear the other instrument.



When all four conference tables were used at the same time, it became difficult to follow the meeting, resulting in noise, wich became a stress factor.


By bringing in room deviders with preinstalled noise protection plates on both sides, the workenviroment got quieter resulting in better focus during meetings.

Outdoor stage


Without surrounding walls or a ceiling the sound was fleeing during outdoor stage performances or orchestra concerts, leading to a suboptimal soud experience.


By using the sound reflector panels "Travelmaster", the sound experience became more like an indoor sound environment.

Microphone set


While recording with boundary microphones directly installed to the floor, the sound clarity was lowered by the reflected sound and vibration from the floor.


Clarity has been dramatically improved by installing our specially designed "magic cushion".

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