Hybrid nano-carbon

Conductivity improvement agent


"For those in trouble getting in contact"

A liquid with sound quality improvement effect
Improve electrical continuity and solve problems due to poor contact

Hybrid Nano-Carbon:

A new type of nano-carbon based on existing technology to achieve high performance. Hybrid high-performance oil with excellent long-term stability and nano diamond carbon particles achieving excellent conductivity. Long-term, maintenance-free operation includes achieving with conduction, lubrication and antioxidants.The usage range is -60 to 155 ° C, withstands a wide range of usage environment, is nonflammable, nontoxic and safe to use. It also does not damage metal, plastic or rubber. Shows optimal effect on all analog-to-digital contacts.

Characteristics of hybrid nano-carbon

① Conduction effect:Terminal contacts can be changed from "point contact" to "surface contact".

② Lubrication effect:Reduce the wear of delicate terminals such as gold plating.

③Protective effect:Chemical resistance, water repellent, oil repellent, non-hygroscopicity.

④ Safety:The coating is non-combustible, non-toxic and does not attack metal or plastic.

⑤ Heat-resistant:The use range is a wide range of -60 to 155 ° C.

⑥ Insulation:Withstands a voltage of 2,000 MΩ or more when 500 V are applied.

⑦ Long-term stability:The oil is non-drying and chemically stable.

⑧ Long-term sustainability:The conduction and lubrication effects last for a long time.

⑨ It does not contain silicon, which causes contact failure.

Commodity price

Spray type 100ml 12,000 yen (excluding tax) 

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