​Acoustic panel for a greater sound

SHIZUKA Stillness Panel



Unique sound absorption structure, achiving an ideal work environment, and acoustic space design. It is an acoustic panel that can realize a home theater.


Create a quiet environment and deliver sound accurately

In a work environment, covering the entire surface provides the same performance as simple silence. Unwanted echoes in rooms such as studios can be absorbed over the entire frequency range.(Sound absorption performance 100〜10kHz)

Simple installation according to equipment and environment

You can create your own low-echo audio environment without remodeling or improvement.
In order to reproduce the sound of the speaker more accurately, the space saving panel can be set according to the speaker.

You can absorb noise even in a narrow space and enjoy the reflected sound

Reduce the echo around the desk that tends to echo. Even small-sized sound absorption, sound insulation can be done well, you can enjoy more beautiful sound around the desk.

Even if it absorbs loud noise and sound insulation, it can be absorbed exactly by installing it in the place where you want to absorb the sound.


SHIZUKA Stillness Panel  specification






※ Sound absorption performance and sound insulation performance vary depending on thickness and weight.

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