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Antique dealer business permit

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​Main bank

Dream  Co,Ltd.

1694-1 Nippa-cho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-si, Kanagawa 223-0057 Japan
TEL: 045-531-5331 / FAX: 045-531-5339

October 1, 1985

January 28, 1986


  • Planning, design and operation of acoustics at events, concerts and academic seminars

  • System design, development, production, sales and loan of audio equipment and related equipment

  • Consultation of sound space, sound field adjustment work, and equipment construction

  • Import and sale of audio equipment

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture permission (general-29) No. 83586

Kanagawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 451450005874

Ogasawara Rokukawa International General Law Office Representative Koji Ogasawara

Noriyuki Masanobu

Bank of Yokohama (Kannai Branch), Yokohama Shinkin Bank (New Wing Branch), Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ (Kai Ooka Branch)

Corporate Vision  

Management philosophy

With a dream and challenging spirit, we contribute to people, communities and society.

Basic policy

We contribute to the activation and development of the entire industry through client-based "sound" solutions.
We evolve our business model and drive the challenge to transform and create new innovation.
We will develop innovative products in consideration of the global environment by making full use of our unique technology.
Comply with internal and external laws and regulations and social norms, establish a stable revenue base, and continuously improve social credibility as a company.
Through our business activities, we will prosper together with all our stakeholders and contribute to the realization of a rich society.



1694-1 Nippa-cho, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-si, Kanagawa 223-0057 Japan

If you come by car

  1. Go out "Dai 3 Keihin Kohoku IC" and turn right at the first traffic light

  2. Turn left at the next light ""Dai 3 Keihin Kohoku IC Entrance"

  3. Turn right at the next signal "Dai 3 Keihin entrance"

  4. Go straight about 2km

  5. It is a building of the corner of the first eye on the left beyond the "Nippa Cross Road"

If you come by train

  1. Get off at Yokohama Municipal Subway "Nippa Station"

  2. Exit the ticket gate and exit the bus rotary side

  3. Cross the traffic light on the right and go straight to the left

  4. It is a building next to the ”au shop” in front of the first corner

Challenge BOX(Tokyo office)

With the expansion of business, Tokyo Sales Office Challenge BOX has been opened. 

Located on the first floor of a good building, a 3-minute walk from the nearest Akihabara Station.

This sales office is positioned as a new place to connect us with our company as a place of communication where customers can experience our products and propose various operation methods.

In addition, as a new creation base of our company, employees use it as a place to improve their skills and awareness.

Tokyo Office Challenge BOX Access

Dai2higasibiru #101 1-14 Kanda Sakuma-cho,  Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025 Japan


3 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station Showa-dori Exit

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