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 Product Summary

  • A compact power amplifier incorporating a 2-channel power amplifier and a digital processor.

  • The high efficiency digital power amplifier and switching power supply enable high output of 240 W (4 Ω) × 2.

  • Internal Processing A processor using a 96 kHz 56-bit DSP ideally drives various flat panel speakers.

  • Equipped with digital input equipped with high precision sample rate converter (AES / EBU)

  • Equipped with a lock function to prevent accidental operation.

  • Equipped with mounting holes for mounting brackets at the bottom of the same specifications as small speakers

  • The design emphasizes the sense of hearing to realize natural sound quality with high resolution and depth.

  • The power supply unit is equipped with a PFC (power factor correction circuit) to prevent unnecessary power loss and waveform distortion of the AC power supply.


Product Articles

HIT-DPA1402Ⅱ  Specification sheet

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